Benefits Of Polygamy


Benefits of Polygamy

Polygamy arrangement, also know as open relationship is gaining wider acceptance and attention. However, it still remains a hot subject of discussion since it touches on ethnic and spiritual values. Due to the alarming divorce rates and cheating spouses, many people consider polygamy as a feasible substitute to monogamy.

1. Improves social stability

After the war women where left behind without any means to support themselves. Men had the responsibility to marry many women to reduce poverty levels and rebuild communities. Although the context is different from our present world, there is still conflict on how polygamy provides social stability.

2. The solution to unfaithful unions

Polygamy helps to reduce cases of cheating within the household. This simply means that both husband and wife have the responsibility to keep their sex lives transparent. By doing so, each partner is accountable in his/ her undertaking, which promote peaceful co-existence.

3. Encourages gender equality

A man has the obligation to remain monogamous until he becomes wasteful with money, resources and time. If he decides to spend more time with one wife, it is fair to spend more time with the other wives to maintain a balance. Typically, a person who remarries after a divorce pays little attention to the spouse.

4. Reduces the risk of sexual transmitted diseases

Polygamy is indisputably healthier as compared to a monogamous arrangement. According to statistics, sexually transmitted diseases are highly reduced in Middle Easter countries, compared to South African states. Since sexual acts often take place in marriage, there are reduced risks of diseases in a polygamy arrangement.

5. Builds support

Polygamy also helps to build a network of support for children and women. For instance, working parents are forced to take their children to daycare, which means they end up getting outside support.

Polygamy has its share of social disadvantages, and it very unpopular among women since it is associated with a wide array of social abuses.

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3 Responses

  1. BenefitThis

    February 14, 2011 12:47 pm

    “According to statistics, sexually transmitted diseases are highly reduced in Middle Easter countries, compared to South African states”

    You do realise that the majority of South Africa’s population still holds onto traditional tribal culture within which polygamy is very common? In fact, the current President of South Africa (Jacob Zuma) has 5 wives.

  2. Akif

    March 26, 2011 1:56 pm

    This article makes sense very much because my dad got divorced and replaced one monogamous marriage with another and it hasn’t stopped him from being unhappy.

    Heterosexual polygamy is a good way to compensate for all the depopulation in the world.

    It’s so silly to claim heterosexual polygamy equals abuse when we have already learned about constant abuse in monogamous marriages.

    When the U.S. government declared heterosexual polygamy illegal, they declared it “uncivilized” because of heterosexual polygamy being practiced by Asians and Africans. Sounds pretty racist of the U.S. government.

    People of every ethnicity have utilized the practice of heterosexual polygamy because heterosexual polygamy and love know no racial boundaries.

  3. This isnt for everyone

    August 26, 2011 5:47 pm

    Polygamy isnt for everyone and has it’s down sides. Whys that? I was in a polygamy relationship once.

    Drama: Ex complaining about her second bf to me. Jealousy can happen.

    Cheating without “not knowing”: Its basically your spouse/bf/gf cheating on you, but you know.

    Splitting time up: Yes, you got to split time up with your spouse/bf/gf. This includes holidays, birthdays, and other events. Why look, it’s your b-day and your gf is spending the day with someone else.

    Reduces the risk of STDs my ass. How does reduceing the risk of STDs happen in a polygamy relationship?

    Kids: Chances are your kids are going to ask where mommy or daddy is at.

    Making you into a whore/slut without the name calling.

    Get togethers: it’s going to be strange bring 2 spouse/bfs/gfs to your own family’s get together.

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