Benefits Of PNF Stretching

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Benefits of PNF Stretching

PNF stretching or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation refers to an advanced type of flexibility workout. It entails both stretching as well as contracting specific muscle groups. PNF stretching offers the following benefits.

1. Increase flexibility

The major objective of PNF training is basically to hasten or promote the neuromuscular mechanism’s response by stimulating the proprioceptors. This aids in strengthening and increasing flexibility of most muscle groups for everyday or sport competition use. In fact, individuals who take part in sports that require lots of flexibility like gymnasts, figure skaters and dancers usually find PNF stretching highly useful to their overall performance.

2. Enhance motion

Since PNF stretching leads to a considerable improvement in flexibility, it helps to enhance motion. This is achieved through using isometric stretching together with passive stretching. PNF stretching ensures both the antagonist and agonist muscle groups of specific areas are alternately relaxed and contracted to attain this particular benefit.

3. Rehabilitation of injuries

Aside from being an effective exercise, PNF stretching is also used to facilitate the rehabilitation of injured body parts. Actually, PNF was first created as a way of rehabilitating patients who had suffered strokes. Physical therapists then followed and used PNF to treat patients with different kinds of health complications like neuromuscular paralysis. Nowadays, PNF is the most effective and fastest technique of enhancing static-passive pliability.

4. Reduces injury risk

People in workout programs are advised to take add PNF stretching into their programs as it lowers risk of joint and muscle injuries during the workout. Stretching helps to correct certain muscular imbalances and maintain proper functional flexibility. Cyclists who perform PNF stretching prior to cycling usually experience less groin or buttock problems, especially in women.

Certain precautions ought to be observed when doing PNF stretches since they can place lots of stress on specific muscle groups, which can enhance the likelihood of getting soft tissue injuries.

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