Benefits of PMBOK

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Benefits of PMBOK

PMBOK stands for Project Management Body of Knowledge and it refers to a guide that can be used by various companies and organizations in terms of project management. ‘ The basic aim of the book guide is to help organizations have standardized processes in terms of handling various projects by different people and across departments and units. ‘ Through PMBOK, various companies can get the following benefits:

1. Standardization of the project management process

PMBOK basically helps companies in terms of standardizing the implementation process of each and every project being undertaken. ‘ Under normal circumstances, one unit of a company may be implementing a particular process in one way while another unit has different steps. ‘ With PMBOK, activities across different units can be analyzed to form standardized procedures which will eventually yield a more effective way of project management.

2. Easy guide to project management steps

All members of the organization or the project management team will also find it easier to perform their functions using the guide provided by PMBOK. ‘ Whether the process has been applied to a particular department, the same approach could be implemented in other units because PMBOK can be applied across different units and platforms. ‘ With the PMBOK as a guide, members of the team can efficiently do their part of the project.

3. Provides documentation

PMBOK also involves processes and methods that are documented each step of the way. ‘ This is especially helpful in terms of knowing what systems or processes are effective in helping out the company get better results in terms of project management. The documented steps will also make it easier for people who may be unfamiliar of certain processes in a particular project.

The best thing about PMBOK is that it is not limited for application to different units of an organization. The processes involved can also be applied to other companies as the steps are standardized and customizable.

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