Benefits Of Playing Video Games

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Benefits of Playing Video Games

Video games have for a long time been thought of as time wasting ventures. However, very recently people have discovered that video games are quite useful to a person’s life. The following article closely examines the various benefits of playing video games.

1. Improves cognitive function

Video games have useful effects on a player’s cognitive health. That is why most of the video games require all players to think tactically, follow rules and fulfill many objectives as well as to make quick decisions to win. One study found that playing strategy games enhanced certain cognitive skills like short-range memory and also skills in problem solving.

2. Enhances overall mood

Playing games helps to reduce the common stress felt every day. Engaging in video games with some friends or even playing alone assists in distracting the mind away from the daily stressful events. It therefore enhances a person’s overall mood and aids in relaxation.

3. Develops hand to eye coordination

A major video game advantage is that it helps in developing and improving hand to eye coordination. Studies display that doctors who engage in video games are considerably faster in performing their tasks, especially in stitching up patients.

4. Provides distraction from overeating

After extensive research, health experts discovered that video games offer an essential distraction from overeating. However, if you really want to shed some weight, you can combine these video games with some exercises. In addition, most smokers say regular gaming assists them smoke less frequently.

5. Boosts imagination

Playing games boosts imagination since you are usually placed in different mind blowing situations. For example, you might require flying an airplane and saving the world. These actions force the mind to start thinking in new ways and therefore enhance imagination and creativity.

Nevertheless, excessive gaming causes addiction and this may lead to headache, dizziness and damaged eyesight.

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