Benefits of Piaget’s theory

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Benefits of Piaget’s theory

Piaget’s theory refers to the views about human intelligence and cognitive development by known psychologist, Jean Piaget. ‘ His theory is also known as the developmental stage theory in the world of psychology because of the comprehensive and many stages involved in the development of what people see, hear, feel, think, and understand from the time they are babies up to maturity. ‘ According to Piaget, human intelligence is more like a process or skill that is acquired over time through actual experience. ‘ With the natural environment, cognitive development will continue to develop and make a person assess what he/she already knows and what is actually observed in reality. ‘ For supporters of Piaget’s theory, here are some of the benefits:

1. Enhanced teaching methods for children

With Piaget’s comprehensive discussion on the developmental stages of human intelligence, many schools around the world have also made adjustments in how subjects and skill sets are taught to school children. ‘ Piaget’s theory has greatly influenced many school programs in terms of intelligence and abilities levelling.

2. ‘ Customized learning approach

Piaget’s views on the developmental stages for learning also paved the way for customizations in the learning and teaching methods for various school children. ‘ Many schools and learning institutions have adapted techniques that cater to a specific knowledge level. ‘ Tasks are customized according to the person’s ability and learning capacity.

3. Environment of support for school children

Piaget’s theory on cognitive development also involved participation from peers, teachers, and family. ‘ His views also made a mark on school programs in a sense that group activities are pushed to help children also learn socially and interactively.

Despite various criticisms for Piaget’s theory especially on the specifications of the developmental stages in learning, various educational programs are still based on his views as there are also many points that are applicable to present situations.

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