Benefits Of PBL

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Benefits of PBL

PBL denotes problem-based learningand it is the instructional method that utilizes well constructed problems to teach students. Learners are therefore encouraged to take more control of their lessonsthrough providing solutions. The PBL method offers a great variety of benefits as discussed below.

1. Better success rates

A recent comparison between graduates from traditional learning programs and students from PBL programs discovered that PBL graduates had higher success rates. Actually, students in PBL programs have advanced levels of interpersonal skills and thus they are well prepared for the professional life.

2. Enjoyable

PBL is a learner-centered approach and learners usually find it satisfying and enjoyable. Different from boring lectures in normal classrooms, the students are engaged throughout the lesson as they have to solve whichever problem is placed before them. This leads to lower dropout rates in PBL programs. In addition, PBL also encourages greater comprehension of the content taught in classrooms.

3. Benefits teachers

Aside from learners, teachers may benefit from PBL as well. It increases class attendance since learners now delight in their studies. Furthermore, since learners are going to spend lots of time studying in PBL programs, teachers can complete their respective syllabuses in time. It therefore enhances the efficiency of teachers significantly.

4. Increases marketability

As more graduates of PBL programs enter the workforce, it is more probable that PBL’s reputation will considerably increase. Employers might even prefer graduates who have the kind of attitudes, skills and knowledge developed in PBL programs.

5. Develops vital skills

PBL also develops important skills in areas like creative insight, conflict resolution, higher reasoning, critical thinking, decision making and problem solving. Students get more knowledge through solving different problems and thus gain confidence.

Nevertheless, PBL requires a lot of time and it may take away the time spent learning other subjects.

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