Benefits Of Passion Flower

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Benefits of Passion Flower

Passion flower refers to a medicinal herb used for treating insomnia and anxiety. It is grown all over the world since people have now become conscious of the benefits that they can get from its use. To get the various passion flower benefits, you can take it as an infusion or as tea.

1. Astringent properties

Passion flower has both anti-spasmodic and astringent properties that help in treating premenstrual cramping and insomnia. These beneficial properties are mostly found in the leaves and stem of the herb. It is highly advisable to take about 40 drops of a tincture of passion flower every day to assist with treating the aforementioned ailments.

2. Treats anxiety

Passion flower has potent anti-anxiety properties because of its high flavonoid content. These flavonoids are known for their assistance in fighting against certain cancers and Parkinson’s disease. To cure anxiety issues, passion flower is brewed like tea through putting the dry herb for 12 minutes in hot water. Passion flower tea is supposed to be taken three times daily.

3. Culinary benefits

Some flowers and berries of the passion flower can be used in dishes and salads as great sources of flavonoids. Not only does the flower add flavor to the dishes, but it also provides a stylish decoration due to its beautiful flowers. Consumption of these flowers is known to provide small calming effects.

4. Sedative effects

A passion flower solution mixture has potent sedative properties that depress motor nerves in the spinal cord. This makes it very beneficial for treating chronic back pain. In addition, drinking the solution of passion flower does not lead to addiction like other pain medications.

5. Relieves symptoms of heart failure

Most patients who experience lack of breath because of heart failure usually find relief after using relaxants like hawthorn and passion flower.

On the other hand, high passion flower doses can cause severe nausea and vomiting.

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    There are many flowers besides passion flower that offer medicinal or health benefits. In fact many medicine today uses plant extract to cure diseases and other ailments.

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