Benefits Of Owning a Pet

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Benefits of Owning a Pet

A dog is mans best friend – a common saying that we all learned from childhood. Cats and dogs not only add affection and happiness to your dull life, but also benefit your health. Whether you own a bird, turtle, hamster, gerbil, or a mouse – these animals can give you exercise, love, companionship and tranquility. In other words, owning a pet is far better than alcohol.

1. They motivate you to exercise
You can either walk your dog as a routine, or have a brisk walk as your enjoy its companionship. Either way, dog owners typically spend more time walking, as compared to those who don’t own pets, and we all know that walking is a great cardiovascular exercise. Walking your dog every morning is an excellent way to work out.

2. Social support
As you walk your dog to the park, people consider you more approachable. You can meet new friends as it gives you an opportunity to chat with other dog owners, thus increases your network of acquaintances and friends, which has amazing stress management perks.

3. They provide unconditional love
The reason pets are loved by many is that they offer companionship and love, not to mention they are keep secrets. In fact, nursing home occupants reported reduced stress after spending time with pets. This clearly shows you that owning a pet is the only sure way of minimizing stress, as well as social isolation.

4. Reduces stress
We all turn to friends when we are low in mood or stressed, but recent studies show that owning a pet can be a great stress reliever. In fact, researchers suggest that people feel less stressed by spending time with their pets that when their spouse or friends are present. This is because pets only give us unconditional love, without judging.
Nonetheless, owning a pet may cause inconveniences for some people. For instance, dogs need food and grooming, which may prove a bit costly.

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