Benefits Of Overpopulation

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Benefits of Overpopulation

Overpopulation can be described as a situation when a person or animal’s number exceeds the expected carrying capacity. Overpopulation generally defines the relationship between our environment and the population. Due to agricultural productivity and medical advancements, overpopulation is evident in all parts of the world.

1. Increases awareness
Overpopulation has truly led to increased awareness with respect to humanity’s effect upon the environment and the already scarce resources. This has therefore lead to increased implementation of effective ways to protect the environment and prevention of resource exploitation. With measures in place to protect the environment, global warming will be significantly reduced.

2. Availability of resources
As resources become scare as a result of increased consumption, increase in price of raw material is unavoidable. Demand, on the other hand has to be curtailed to ensure that production costs don’t affect the economy. In other words, overpopulation promotes correct pricing or raw materials.

3. Better innovative technologies
With better innovative technologies, the increased demand for services and goods will become patent because the pricing of raw materials will become more competitive. Additionally, overpopulation provides labor in manufacturing and processing industries leading to reduced prices of goods and services.

4. Social equality
Overpopulation is also bound to re-examine traditional gender roles, bringing true social and economic quality for women. In addition to social equality, more inventions are inevitable to help solve the common problems that may arise due to the large population. This can create more jobs, which improves the economy for the better.

When there is an outbreak of a serious disease, an overpopulated region may have high death rates. On the other hand, an area that is overpopulated is bound to have high crime rates due to lack of job opportunities. Additionally, overpopulation may lead to traffic congestion in the city as well as lack of employment opportunities.

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