Benefits of Organizational Development

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Benefits of Organizational Development

Could your business or organization benefit from high efficiency and productivity? Are you working geared towards improving team effectiveness, customer service and team quality? Well, organizational development is designed to help you improve on these areas, through performance improvement techniques.

1. Environmental impact

Organizational development aims to create job satisfaction, which is equals life satisfaction. We all know that the workplace’ environment plays a role on how we execute our set of responsibilities. In the same way that employment is important for the employees, job satisfaction directly influences life satisfaction as well.

2. Reduces absenteeism

According to recent findings, satisfied employees tend to be present often. Some cases of absenteeism might be due to medical reasons. However, organizational development helps to predict involuntary absenteeism like surgery, and is done away with through physical exams.

3. Improves quality and productivity

The major benefit of organizational development is that it helps improve productivity, as well as quality. Improving quality means your business has a competitive edge over other competitors. Additionally, it increases productivity which helps in making quality products; thereby there is no need for rework.

4. Encourages self-improvement

There are numerous benefits associated to personnel training. For this reason, it is essential to consider organizational development as a training tool for business and individual self-development and improvement.

5. Helps in conflict resolution

With organizational development, conflict is resolved constructively in such a way that promotes innovation, and does not interfere with productivity. Additionally, employees are compensated for success to improve their productivity.

6. Encourages open communication

Communication is open, vertically and laterally, and all feelings and facts are shared. This proves to be an effective strategy since it allows employees to learn from personal experience.

Apart from having numerous benefits, organizational development also has its share of disadvantages as well. It is expensive and time consuming since every employee has to undergo extensive training.

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