Benefits Of Oregano

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Benefits of Oregano

Oregano herb is a northern Europe native, where it freely grows. Additionally, oregano is now being cultivated all over the world. This herb is not only known for its pleasant aroma and strong flavor, but also for its numerous health benefits.
1. Antibacterial properties
Oregano is well known for its powerful antibacterial properties that are mainly due to the presence of volatile oils in the herb. Examples of these volatile oils are carvacrol and thymol. The aforementioned volatile oils are beneficial to the body since they stop the growth and development of many types of bacteria, particularly the ones that cause food borne sicknesses. Aside from that, oregano’s strong antibacterial and antiviral properties can assist destroy harmful organisms that lead to various skin infections.
2. Antioxidant properties
Oregano is a good source of antioxidant vitamins. These antioxidant vitamins are believed to play major roles in guarding the body against many types of cancer and even slowing down ageing process. Research indicates that oregano is the among the most antioxidant dense foods. In fact, its antioxidant properties might even surpass that of blueberries and also apples.
3. Aids in digestion
Oregano contains high amount of fiber and thus it helps in the digestion process. It also contains high amounts of nutrients and vitamins. It is one of the best sources of manganese and iron as well as vitamin A, calcium and vitamin C. The anti-parasitic properties of oregano are helpful in doing away with any digestive problems.
4. Enhances respiratory health
The oregano oil is used in treating lung congestion and sinus. A mixture of this oil with juice is taken daily for improvement in the symptoms.
However, apart from these health benefits, oregano has some demerits also. Since oregano oil could possibly reduce the capability of the body to properly absorb iron, pregnant women should not take it regularly.

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