Benefits Of OpenDNS

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Benefits of OpenDNS

Domain service name or DNS plays an integral role online with regards to addressing and routing. Basically, DNS converts domains to an IP address to facilitate communication between your browser and the internet. Once your PC identifies the IP address of a domain name, it automatically opens the desired website on your browser.

1. Phishing protection

OpenDNS is well-equipped with anti-phishing protection to protect your information from fraudsters and scammers online. OpenDNS uses a sophisticated phishing technology, PhishTank. The feature allows you to identify common phishing sites, and also warns you from using such websites.

2. Provides typo-corrections

OpenDNS also provides typo-corrections to help you find websites online by offering few spelling suggestions. For instance, if you try searching ‘’”, OpenDNS gives you a list of search options to help you access the desired website. This comes in handy especially if you are not sure you have the address of your choice.

3. Has a shortcut utility

OpenDNS has a shortcut utility that allows users to allocate shortcuts to long addresses, which it quite similar to utilizing AOL keywords. Shortcuts such us ‘’G” for, work great especially if you happen to have trouble typing the entire address, or if you often visit the website. However, you need to log in to a free account to access the shortcut feature.

4. Parental controls

OpenDNS also provides parental controls that are well-equipped with a wide range of filtering choices. For instance, you can choose a high or low filtering level depending on your preference. Creating a filter requires you to open a free DNS account, and then select the category you want to put into effect.

There are no downsides associated to utilizing OpenDNS since it protects your personal information from scammers, and also provides a great internet experience.

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