Benefits Of Onsite Childcare

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Benefits of Onsite Childcare

An onsite childcare facility refers to a place where daycare for a baby is offered either directly at the workplace or next to it. Different from other kinds of childcare that are generally offered in someone’s house, onsite childcare is offered in a workplace facility. Through incorporating onsite childcare into a business, the following advantages are gotten.

1. Flexible work schedules
Having an onsite childcare basically means that when employees are placed on varying schedules, it is not going to affect their childcare situations. For instance, if the business needs to change work hours so as to better cater for its consumers or lessen overhead costs, having an onsite childcare facility ensures that this process is easier for both the company and the employees.

2. Enhances employment opportunities
A business with onsite a childcare facility has an additional benefit to provide would-be recruits that another company might not have. If you are looking for the best employees that you can get, offering onsite childcare places your business ahead of other people. Actually, companies that offer onsite childcare have better retention rates.

3. Increases focus
Having a childcare situation miles away that is far away from the place of work can become an enormous distraction to workers if complications arise. However, when the business offers childcare for workers onsite, parents can easily deal with any arising issues with their children directly and then get back to their jobs. Furthermore, onsite childcare also eases the worker’s minds as they know that their kids are close to them, reducing employee distraction.

4. Boosts loyalty
When a business opens a childcare facility onsite while offering a reasonable charge to the employees, it assists to build and boost loyalty. It essentially becomes an advantage of employment, just like health insurance.

However, an onsite childcare might appear impersonal and institutional. A child might not have the continuity of childcare from one person, thereby making forming attachments and bonds difficult.

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  1. trussa

    December 6, 2012 11:02 pm

    I agree, that offering childcare for employees in the organization would be a added benefit for any employee. Any parent would love to be able to go see their child during lunch breaks to assure they are ok and be able to return to work without the stress or concerns of wondering if their child is ok. I also believe that onsite child care facitlities would reduce absentism, lateness and increase employess productivity, so I am all for childcare serivice for employees being an added benefit.

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