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Benefits Of Onion for Hair

Benefits of Onion for Hair

Onions have many other uses aside from the common culinary uses of simply adding flavor to meals. It has antifungal and antibacterial effects that make it useful for hair treatment and skin care as well. It is thought that using onion for hair will avert hair loss and also reduce or completely eliminate any skin problems. The following benefits of onion for hair should motivate you to start using this natural method of hair care.

1. Provides essential minerals
Onions contain several essential vitamins and minerals like vitamins B6 an C, magnesium, germanium and potassium. The onion also comprises of a high amount of sulphur, which is present in all body cells. The greatest concentration of sulphur is found in nails, skin and hair. It is actually known as the beauty-enhancing and healing mineral due to its strong capability of decreasing inflammation and promoting circulation on the head. These qualities enhance hair growth in people who have sulphur deficiencies.

2. Stimulates hair growth
A research discovered that the application of onion juice or tincture on the scalp twice every week for a period of three months will encourage hair regrowth. The sulphur content of onions regenerates the hair follicles and thus promotes hair growth. Even though this particular benefit was more noticeable amongst the male participants in the study, females also experienced this benefit. Within five weeks, roughly 70% of the participants in the research had experienced positive changes in their hair loss problem.

3. Cheap to purchase
Hair products are generally very costly to purchase, especially if you want to get good quality products. In contrast, using onion for hair is a very cost effective affair. Not only are onions very cheap, they can be accessed easily anywhere around the country.

Onions offer a natural treatment for hair that is free of any unwanted side effects and you should try using them and get the above-mentioned advantages.

Benefits Of Onion for Hair

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