Benefits of Omega 6

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Benefits of Omega 6

Omega-6 is an essential fatty acid that aids is growth and cell development. Since the body doesn’t have the ability to produce fatty acids, it is advisable that you consume the right foods to improve brain function, reproduction, metabolism, and bone health. They help promote several body functions and benefit overall body’s health.

1. Prevent nerve diseases in diabetic patients

According to recent studies, omega-6 is proven to help alleviate diabetic symptoms. It also prevents nerve diseases in diabetics and improves nerve health as well.

2. Relieves joint pain and inflammation

Omega-6 in its many forms also proves to have anti-inflammatory properties. It relives symptoms of arthritis like inflammation, morning stiffness, and joint pain.

3. Bone maintenance

Omega-6 plays an essential part in maintaining healthy and strong bones in the body. It helps to build the muscles, thereby preventing a common health condition referred to as osteoporosis. Moreover, bones need proper amounts of calcium to maintain their strength and density.

4. Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis and Eczema

Omega-6 also promotes healthy skin by eradicating unsightly facial features such as blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and skin blemishes. It is effective since it offers relief to patients with atopic dermatitis and eczema.

5. Benefits people with allergies

There is evidence that individuals who are prone to allergies may benefit from consumption of omega-6. Although there is no scientific proof that this works, omega 6 is popularly used for this purpose. It is, however, advisable to consult your doctor because excess consumption may lead to health complications.

6. Alleviates symptoms of PMS

Omega-6 supplement can also help to alleviate the symptoms and pains associated to premenstrual syndrome. It used to treat several symptoms of PMS, including bloating and irritability.

Excess consumption of omega-6 is associated to certain types of cancers. Studies show that high intake of essential fatty acids can cause prostrate cancer and breast cancer.

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