Benefits Of Object Oriented Programming

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Benefits of Object Oriented Programming

If you are a newbie to programming or to OOP in general, here is a simplified assessment on how to approach software design with structured-oriented eyes. Object-oriented programming is commonly used to manage software systems. Nonetheless, OOP technology offers several advantages.

1. Maintainable

Object oriented programming make code maintainable. This simply means that identifying errors becomes easier since the objects are vivid (encapsulation). A good OOP design should preserve an application’s maintainability.

2. Reusable

Since OOP uses objects which contain both functions and data, objects are perceived as self-contained ‘’containers” (encapsulation). For this reason, it becomes easy to reuse a certain code in new software designs. Also, messages provide a well defined interface to the object’s functionality and data. OOP languages like VB and C# help to expand the functionality of inheritance and polymorphism, even if you are not familiar with their implementation.

3. Scalable

OOP applications are thought to be more scalable than their earlier structured programming roots. A well-defined interface provides an opportunity to reuse the code in new software. Also, it provides you will the information you require to replace the object’s interface without affecting the codes. By doing so, it becomes easy to replace aging code with newer technology and faster algorithms.

4. Causes less breakage

Object oriented programming allows you to add functionality to older languages, but if the code doesn’t have a calling contract, then this will beak some parts of your project. OOP allows you to improve your functionality, and won’t affect how the codes work.

5. Sharing code

You may want to use a custom code in a new software project. With OOP and C#, you can inherit and use the old code into the new project. Your old code doesn’t have to be cloned in order to improve functionality.

In case you are using software that is slow, it is almost certain that the C# language is not the fault. New languages like C# and Java are faster as compared to their C equivalents.

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