Benefits of Oat Straw

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Benefits of Oat Straw

Most people now prefer alternative medicine options and as a result, the natural ways to enhance overall health have become popular. Aveme sativa or Oat straw is among these options and is considered to have therapeutic benefits and properties when taken internally as tea or used externally as bath or poultice. Following are some benefits of oat straw with regards to improving your health.

1. Treats skin conditions

When applied externally in a bath or as poultice, oat straw is soothing and is effective in treating skin conditions such as chicken pox, dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, and sunburn. Furthermore, the silicon and mucilage in oat straw cleanse and moisturize cells, thereby providing relief to individuals with skin problems.

2. Reduces the effects of osteoporosis

When taken in the form of tea, oat straw helps in reducing the effects of osteoporosis and building bones. According to recent findings, it might also boost hormone levels in order to promote cell growth. In addition, it has calcium and silica that is found in the bones, teeth, skin and ligaments. Oat straw combined with silica also helps to relieve joint inflammation.

3. Promotes Mental Health

It has also been used in helping children with panic attacks, anxiety, overcoming addictions, reduce depression, and stress. In addition, oat seeds contain stimulant and antispasmodic properties the boost overall mental health. Also, it contains zinc, B vitamins, magnesium and calcium that encourage mental well-being.

4. Acts as an antidepressant

Oat straw is said to help lift the mood, boost energy levels, and prevent panic attacks and anxiety. Additionally, it helps to relieve joint pain, osteoporosis and skin irritants.

5. Lowers blood pressure

Recent findings show that oat may help to lower cholesterol levels in the blood, thereby minimizes the risk of heart attack, arteriosclerosis, and stroke.

There are no side effects associated to the use of oat straw. However, if you happen to be sensitive to oat flour then it is advisable to keep away from it completely.

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