Benefits of NTFS

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Benefits of NTFS

New Technology File System (or NTFS) provides file security, as opposed to FAT32. NTFS comes in handy if you want to format or partition a new external hard drive. There are numerous ways you can use to optimize your hard drive or file system, depending on your preference. For instance, you can combine two hard drives for increased reliability or improved performance.

1. Increases memory capacity

Under NTFS, you can use the raid setup to optimize performance of your hard drive. The raid setup allows you to combine two hard drives to increase capacity Â’ for instance if you have three 80 GB hard disks in total you can have 240GB. There are numerous different raids to choose from, however, you need to decide whether you want reliability or performance.

2. Compatible with numerous operating systems

Another essential aspect you need to consider when upgrading you computer is choosing the operating system you want to install, which will be either NTFS or FAT32. You might prefer NTFS if you have an older file system. NTFS has numerous benefits over FAT32N file system, including the ability to fix log errors more easily, less prone to hard drive errors and supports data compression.

3. Better auditing and file security

When deciding which operating system to use if you want to format your hard drive, you should consider which type of computer you intend to install the hard drive. Â’ For example if you have a modern PC (Windows NT or XP), then it is appropriate to use NTFS to format you hard disk. Additionally, you can use the hard disk with other operating systems.

4. Partition hard drive

Another benefit of NTFS file system is that it allows you to optimize your hard drive. You can partition the hard drive lest you have a large capacity.

Aside from its numerous benefits, NTFS has limitations as well. FAT32 file system only allows you to format your hard drive to a maximum size of not more than 32 GB.

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