Benefits Of NPS

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Benefits of NPS

NPS or National Park Service offers several advantages to its full-time workers. There are also limited benefits offered to temporary NPS employees. The benefits listed below apply to permanent NPS workers.

1. Health and life insurance

NPS employees receive health insurance to cater for any medical emergencies. The health coverage is quite extensive and the government is responsible for paying the larger share. Additional benefits include the fact that there is no period of waiting and also no clause of pre-existing condition. Aside from health insurance, NPS workers enjoy life insurance. There is also an option for family and additional insurance.

2. Government housing

NPS workers usually get government housing, especially when it comes to relocation. All relocation expenses are catered for by the government. Employees also receive awards for special accomplishments as well as outstanding performance. This helps to increase productivity through boosting employee morale.

3. New skills

NPS employees undertake government paid drills and get the chance to learn new skills. This enables organization and employee performance enhancement.

4. Great promotion system

Provided you meet the set qualifications and requirements, it is very easy to advance in rank. This means that all workers are eligible to contest for higher grade. Great job services as well as total time in service are some of the key factors taken into account in promotion. An increase in grade results in an increase in salary.

5. Vacation

NPS employees also enjoy about 26 days of vacation time every year. You can also make use of sick days in case of medical emergencies. There are also some flexible work hours with the opportunity of telecommuting from the comfort of your own home.

Since you can easily get relocated to a new location once you join the NPS, you are likely to feel very lonely, especially if you do not know any person in the new location.

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