Benefits Of Novell Netware

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Benefits of Novell Netware

Novell netware operating system was initially developed to provide access to transparent remote files and other distributed network services, such as printer sharing as well as various applications such as database access and electronic mail transfer. This operating system supports resources and information sharing between workstations and network computers.

1. Increases productivity
Novell netware offers numerous benefits when used accordingly. It can improve productivity and provide more ways to communicate with other users, as well as sharing of resources. A reliable network system is a vital component in today’s computer systems and is a necessity in the operation of most businesses.

2. Better security features
Netware server has a dedicated workstation with an encrypted password and the administrator does not have access to the password. In other words, the administrator can only remove user’s permission if the users have their own passwords. Even if you have access to the netware server, you will not access resources or information since they have to pass through the security system.

3. Messaging services
Novell netware is also equipped with a message handling feature. This offers ease of data transmission between several fronted applications. Moreover, the application facilitates data sharing over the Novel network and LANs.

4. Flexibility
The operating system also offers a great deal of flexibility, as it allows users to share multiple printers. There is no need to attach the printers to the primary print server for them to be operational.

5. Usability and configurability
Novell netware comes with easy configuration, paper documentation, as well as electronic form, and books are provided to ensure that you are conversant on how operate the network. Furthermore, it allows users to share resources and information with ease.
Despite having several perks, Novell netware is poor when it comes to printing information/data. Also, its inbuilt management tools are not reliable.

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