Benefits Of NHS

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Benefits of NHS

NHS represents the National Honor Society and it is an educational society that students of grades 10 to 12 can join provided they meet specific criteria like maintaining a ‘’B” average. The NHS is a nationwide recognized organization and it offers many benefits to students who join.

1. College grants
The NHS boasts of a scholarship program that has awarded more than $5 million in grants to its student members. Students have the chance to get NHS scholarships provided they are nominated by their NHS advisers. Students can be awarded scholarships ranging from $1000 to $2000 and one nationwide winner gets a scholarship for over $10,000.

2. Credit
Students who join NHS are acknowledged at induction ceremonies in the presence of their peers and families. Apart from that, NHS members might also be mentioned in local newspapers for certain NHS projects they take part in and for joining. Some NHS student members are recognized at the Nationwide Conference of NHS. Members can take part in various community service projects to better their communities. The groups having the best project are also acknowledged.

3. Provides great leadership opportunities
Members of the NHS have the opportunity to become important leaders in both their schools as well as their communities. A good example is where students can run tutoring groups for elementary students. Another alternative is basically when the NHS students start up various committees for raising money for a certain local charity. NHS students can even become student leaders or presidents in their respective schools.

One of the main shortcomings of the National Honor Society is the fact that it requires all its members to take part in community projects. This can have an adverse effect on the grades of the students since they also have to excel in whatever community project they choose.

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