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Benefits of Nexus

Benefits of Nexus

Nexus is an innovative phone that was created by Google. It has a most thoughtful and fast user interface that allows easy multitasking. This new phone is fitted with 16GB internal memory, Wi-Fi, 5MP camera and it can also access all the Google services.

1. Operating system

Google Nexus runs the latest Android Gingerbread, which is an operating system that provides a more enhanced user interface alongside an improved keyboard, better multimedia playback and gaming support. Android also has access to varying Google services that include Gmail, Google Maps and Voice Actions. Furthermore, it offers users an extensive variety of downloadable apps from the Google Android store.

2. Fast processor

The other advantage of Nexus phone is that it features an amazing 1GHz processor. This allows for a surprisingly fast multimedia function as well as enhanced response time, while still conserving the battery power. Additionally, the 1GHz processor has the ability of handling several running applications simultaneously and it provides a more responsive touch screen.

3. High quality camera

With an inbuilt 5MP camera, the Google Nexus can snap high quality photographs. You can save the captured photos in the phone’s memory or send them through email to other people. Using this camera, it is also possible to capture high definition videos at 720p. Once you have finished, you can easily upload you video to Picasa or YouTube.

4. Bluetooth enabled

The Nexus is a Bluetooth enabled device that offers increased benefits in quick transfer of data between gadgets. The new version 3.0 of Bluetooth that is installed on Nexus also provides the capability of music playback with an appealing stereo wireless headset. This means less cables and more music for users to enjoy.

The Nexus is suitable to all consumers who want a multimedia rich phone that can do outstanding things. The inbuilt music player can carry lots of music and the phone can play most kinds of digital formats such as MP3 and WMA.

Benefits of Nexus

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