Benefits Of Networking

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Benefits of Networking

A network is more than several computers with wires between them. If it is properly executed a network system can provide its users unique capabilities and advantages than what individual machines can provide. Networking is actually very valuable since modern businesses depend on the management and intelligent flow of information.

1. Enables data sharing
The major aim of networking is basically to enable data sharing among different machines. Prior to networking, an employee looking to prepare a financial report would require producing it on their computer, place it on a compact disk and then give it to the manager to transfer the information to another computer. With networking, the report can be created and accessed easily since the manager can view the employee’s computer from their desk.

2. Easier communication

A network connects computers as well as users of those machines. People within a work group or building are usually connected into a LAN, which stands for local area network. Once connected, the network users can communicate easily with each other through certain technologies like electronic mail. This is highly beneficial since it makes transmission of non-business and business information less expensive and more efficient than previously without the network.

3. Internet access

In fact, the internet itself is a huge network connecting many users all over the world. As a result, when you are using the internet, you are actually using a network. Nowadays, the internet has become a very important tool due to the great wealth of information it contains.

4. Facilitates hardware sharing

Networks enable sharing of different hardware devices. An example is where one printer is placed on a particular network for use by everyone. This also reduces the cost of purchasing several printers because a network can host numerous computers.

Since a network joins several computers, it is very simple for one user to steal information about another user or the company itself if proper security measures are not put in place.

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