Benefits Of Nettle

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Benefits of Nettle

Nettle has been in use for a very long time as an effective treatment for certain allergy problems. It is actually a very popular herbal medicine in most parts of the world. Here is a look at other medical benefits of nettle.

1. Effective herbal drug
Stinging nettle is one of the most effective herbal drugs used in the treatment of various prostate diseases. It is also a common component of other herbal drugs that deal with inflammatory conditions. The nettle leaf is also used as a diuretic to treat arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, prostatitis and also high blood pressure. It is also beneficial for people with urinary tract complications. Aside from that, products made from the stinging nettle usually interfere with the production of prostaglandins that cause inflammations in the body.

2. Beneficial for the skin
Nettle has astringent properties that assist in reducing hemorrhoid swelling as well as stopping bleeding from small skin injuries like razor nicks. The astringent works by shrinking and tightening the upper layers of the skin known as the mucus membranes and thus reduce secretions. This relieves irritations and improves the firmness of the skin.

3. Useful hair tonic
The nettle extract mixed with alcohol is a very effective hair tonic. The mixture is applied topically for treating overly oily hair, scalp and dandruff. It is also beneficial in enhancing the overall appearance of hair due to its efficiency in doing away with dandruff.

4. Enhances blood health
The stinging nettle is used together with therapies for getting rid of toxins in the blood and also for rheumatism treatment. A drink of the nettle plant is useful in stopping internal bleeding and it is used as an alternative method of managing anemia.
The only drawback is that nettle oil is quite expensive and it is not found in most local stores.

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