Benefits Of Net Neutrality

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Benefits of Net Neutrality

I am sure you have come across this word on the internet, but do you know what it means? Well, net neutrality relates to the limitations that are set up by ISP to broadband connections. The limitations applied on broadband connections could be content or websites that are not supposed to be viewed. On the other hand, net neutrality may place restrictions in a way that only the preferred form of communication is applied over the network.

1. Security
Online banking, ticket booking, trading, cash remittance, greeting cards, auctions, online shopping, and flower delivery fall under transactional services. Net neutrality provides a secure channel of making transactions online. Earlier, performing online transactions was inexpensive as it was done through physical means. However, it was physically demanding to make phone calls and carry out card swipe. Online payment services have not solved this burden, and are well secure through net neutrality.

2. Information services
Unlike the traditional brick and mortar broadcasting you don’t need permission or license to set up a website. In other words, ISPs have no role in content management, ranking, selectively blocking and classification or promoting. After the website has become popular, you can use its status to target a wider audience.

3. Better user experience
IP network is the foundation of internet and any hitches may pose a problem for other websites. This is where network neutrality is felt, helping to repair the congested internet highways. On the hand, CDN deals with overlay network to bypass other networks, providing efficient internet delivery. Many internet publishers make use of CDNs, while websites use Net neutrality for better customer experience. Moreover, those using wired internet now feel a bit safer, but then again there are worries over the broadband that is used on smartphones.
Despite having many potential benefits, net neutrality still faces undying criticism from major players in the industry.

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