Benefits Of Nazi Experiments

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Benefits of Nazi Experiments

Nazi experiments typically involved various medical experiments done on prisoners in concentration camps that were spread far and wide in German during World War II. Prisoners were forced to participate in callous experiments that led to disability, disfigurement, and even death. These experiments were supposedly carried out to help Germans develop better weapons, whereas other studies attempted to ‘’treat” homosexuality.

1. Campaigns against human torture
Modern ethical issues question the motive behind such inhumane experiments that led to the deaths of many innocent people. For instance, experiments that were done on prisoners to determine how the body reacts under extreme low conditions present an ethical debate. During World War II, there was uproar against these callous experiments that only caused suffering and death. In fact, there was no positive outcome from these experiments.

2. Awareness
Nazi experiments caught the attention of human rights crusaders and world leaders had to work together to bring these atrocities to and end. In one experiment, prisoners were given poisoned food to examine their effect. As a result, many prisoners died in the ‘’experiment”. On the other hand, experimental prisoners were killed with poisonous bullets by Nazi soldiers with the aim of finding better weapons.

3. Exposed Hitler’s character
These experiments were a clear indication that Hitler was truly cold-hearted. Nazi soldiers used chemical castration to ‘’treat” homosexuality and lesbianism in the army. In other experiments, nerves and bones where extracted from subjects without anesthesia. Many prisoners suffered severe mutilation, which lead to intense agony and death.

4. Led to an uprising
World leaders came to the conclusion that the only way to stop these atrocities was through military action. The infamous World War II led to the deaths of thousands of innocent people, as well as destruction of property.
The end of Word War II marked the end of these inhumane experiments.

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