Benefits Of NASA

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Benefits of NASA

NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration and it is an independent agency responsible for spaceflight and aviation. The benefits of this space program are numerous and can easily be found in many sectors. Further down is a broad look at the various benefits of NASA.

1. Enhanced fabric technology
The use of aluminum to act as insulation for spacecraft and satellites by NASA has assisted in creating a revolution in insulating materials that range from interior home insulation to survival blankets. NASA has also developed powerful fire-retarding materials for use in pure oxygen atmosphere. This has led to the creation of various cloths like Beta Glass, which is used in firefighter’s suits since it is a fireproof cloth. In footwear, the technology behind shock absorbing astronaut shoes is being used in the production of tennis shoes as well as other athletic shoes.

2. New electrical technology
The smoke detectors that are now very common in most houses and are credited with saving very many lives are actually end results of a technology initially developed for NASA’s space crafts. The quartz timing crystals that are now used in small clocks and wristwatches were first created for NASA as highly accurate, durable and lightweight timing apparatus for the Apollo space craft. On the moon, the astronauts made use of portable electric tools for drilling into the moon surface and taking soil samples. These tools were direct predecessors of today’s drills, cordless screwdrivers among others.

3. Forms composite materials
Composite items are made from a mixture of resins and fibers designed specifically for provision of immense strength while still remaining lightweight. These materials have been a common feature of most aerospace applications like NASA space crafts to airplanes. Composite materials are now being used for making tennis rackets, helmets and many other sporting items.

The major shortcoming of NASA is basically the cost of running the agency which is actually very high.

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