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Benefits of MTOM

Benefits of MTOM

Mtom refers to Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism. SwA stands for SOAP with attachments.  Mtom is the method by which binary data can be sent efficiently, to and from the Web Services. Mtom only ensures and optimizes the element content which is in the representation of the xs:base64Binary data type.

  1. Abstraction of SOAP: Abstract SOAP Transmission Optimization Feature so that SOAP messages can be received and sent that contains only binary data.Optimisez MIME Multipart or Related Serialization of SOAP Messages .

  2. Keeps a track for data: The HTTP SOAP Transmission Optimization Feature defines how the above MIME and XOP SOAP message is sent through the HTTP. Mtom is extremely efficient in transmittance of binary data.

  3. Help with transporting large data: Mtom encode binary data as a MIME attachment in a MIME document. The performance of large binary payload transport with the help of MIME attachments. Mtom helps is sending binary data in the original form thus avoiding any increase in size due to encoding it in text.

  4. Contracts data: This system helps you when you want to send many files as binary attachments, such as images or files. This would accompany a web request by encoding the base64 inline in the SOAP payload. The attachments can be sent either by value or by reference. This has been widely accepted technique so that opaque data can be handled in the XML formatted messages.

  5. Values opaque data: By value is when the opaque data content is embedded as an element or is an attribute used base64 or hexadecimal text encoding approach. This is coded in the XML schema as data type of xs:base64Binary and xs:hexBinary, respectively. By reference is done when the opaque data content is referenced externally as an element or as an attribute with the help of a URI. This is coded in eh XML schema as data type xs:anyURI.

Benefits of MTOM

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