Benefits Of MSP

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Benefits of MSP

Medical Services plan beneficiaries often receive a host of benefits than you could ever imagine. MSP beneficiaries get premium assistance for 10 visits annually for services like chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, naturopathy and message therapy. Service providers may charge extra for these services.

1. Surgical podiatry
These services are provided to MSP beneficiaries and/or patients. Simply put, the procedure is settled by a PPS or by the Medical Service Plan. Nonetheless, the podiatrist may opt to charge the patient extra than what is provided under the MSP plan.

2. Eye exams
MSP beneficiaries also receive frequent eye examinations – a health care necessity for injury or trauma, eye disease or health disorder associated with risks like diabetes. Eye examinations benefit people who are 18 years and under. Optometrists have the authority to charge more than what is provided by the Medial Service Plan as with the case in all additional health services.

3. Cosmetic surgery
Did you know that ban against extra-charging does not affect uninsured services like cosmetic surgery? Uninsured services like getting your drivers’ license do not incur extra-billing. The charges associated to all uninsured services like post-operative and pre-operative sessions are your responsibility as the patient.

4. Additional health care perks
Many supplementary practitioners don’t offer additional health care perks provided by MSP. In other words, they can charge more for services that what is recommended in the MSP plan. However, there is a protection act that protects you from paying extra to other physician services. Additionally, your representative should not be charged if there are additional costs.

5. Surgical supplies
Patients that receive podiatry service receive supplementary surgical services that exceed the benefits offered by MSP.

The MSP plan does not cover certain areas including eyeglasses, cosmetic surgery, prescription drugs and hearing aids as well as other appliances and equipment.

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