Benefits of Mrityunjaya Mantra

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Benefits of Mrityunjaya Mantra

Spiritual aspirants use mantras to help them achieve god-realization which is known as saguna or deity mantras. Just as visual symbols do, they have form producing or qualities that aid the process of conceptualization. The deity manifests as sound and should be repeated using the proper form, with attention to rhythm and syllables.

1. Life-giving mantra

The mrityunjaya is popularly known as life- giving mantra, and will protect you from worldly disasters; from famine, from accidents, from disease, from death and from the mystical world. Chanting mantra with sincerity and devotion is the solution to any calamity. You only need to have absolute faith that He will shield you from misfortune.

2. Bestows peace and wealth

The mrityunjaya is also referred to as Moksha Mantra, or the Lord Siva’s Mantra. It gives wealth (Aisvarya), peace (Shanti), satisfaction (Tushti), immortality (Moksha) and prosperity (Tushti).

3. Gives long life

On your birthday, narrate the mrityunjaya mantra, feed Sadhus and perform Haven, the sick and the poor. This will give you peace, long life and prosperity.

4. Brings blessings

It is believed that the Shiva has three eyes, as he sees the present, past, and future simultaneously. Shiva is the lord of three worlds, causal, astral and physical. He is beyond the three tamas, gunas-sattva, and rajas or destruction, sustenance, and creation. As you chant the mantra, you receive his blessings.

5. Bestows wisdom and intelligence

You can also use other deity Mantras for acquiring particular attributes. For instance, ‘’OM Aim Saraswatyai ‘’confers achievement, intelligence and wisdom. ‘’OMR Sri Maha Lakshmyai Namah” bestows prosperity and wealth. The mrityunjaya mantra bestows immortality and longevity.

In this critical period, the recitation of mantra will protect you from evil effects and calamities with blessing from Lord Shiva. However, you need to use proper rhythm and symbols to ensure you receive wisdom and intelligence.

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