Benefits Of Monogamy

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Benefits of Monogamy

Monogamy refers to having only one partner during marriage or in a relationship. The main advantage of monogamy is that you know that your partner loves you and desires to only be with you. What is normally quoted as the boring feature of monogamy, being comfortable with your partner, can be a great benefit of being in a monogamous relationship. Other key advantages of monogamy are listed below.

1. Better emotional fulfillment
People who practice promiscuity are normally not happy, with most of them always searching for fulfillment or excitement with different people. They are dissatisfied with the person they are with and they strive to get a good relationship. Different from these promiscuous people, individuals in monogamous relationships have better emotional fulfillment. They do not need to continue searching or dating strangers as they have already met their perfect match. In addition, monogamy is believed to promote happiness and contentment in the relationship.

2. Great sex
Monogamy offers its participants the greatest sex of their lives. It is vital to note that sexual intercourse is about both the body and mind. The most satisfying sex is therefore the one that occurs between two people in a trusting and loving relationship. The intimate bonds formed between people in monogamous relationships enable them to explore each other sexually, without having to worry about misunderstandings. Monogamy enables you to experiment, grow and savor every sexual experience in the relationship.

3. Low risk of ailments
Individuals in polygamous relationships have an increased probability of getting infected with various sexually transmitted ailments. From the curable STDs to other serious ailments like HIV and AIDS, people with many sexual partners have a high risk for these ailments. Since monogamy involves only two partner, the chances of getting such kinds of diseases are very low, particularly if both partners are faithful to each other.
For some individuals, being in a relationship with only one person for an extended period is very boring.

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