Benefits of Modular Design

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Benefits of Modular Design

A modular design is popularly used to prefabricate a building consisting of separate units. They are built in large factories that use an assembly line process. Once completed, modular structures are placed on trucks and then transported to the construction site. Modular designs offer several advantages especially when it comes to building a house.

1. Controlled Manufacturing Environment

Since modular houses are build in-doors (in a factory), you don’t have to worry about building materials becoming moldy and wet. And because the structure is not affected by change in weather conditions, construction delays are eluded, thereby speeding the building process.

2. Allows variety of home plans

Modular home manufactures provide a variety of floor plans and designs, which gives you plenty of options to choose from. In most cases, they allow you to customize the design to suit you needs. Some areas that may require customization include carpeting, style of windows and bath fixtures.

3. Energy Savings

Modular homes use a type of framing that allows for more insulation than site-build structures, increasing their energy productivity. Also, the builders have access to remote areas, so they can apply more sealant and caulking.

4. Cost Savings

The major advantage of modular homes is that they don’t incur large overhead expenses as compared to traditional site-build homes. Furthermore, the buyer can save on loan interest since the construction period is usually shorter. Subcontractors and private contractors are not involved in the construction process, so you don’t have additional expenses.

5. Quality Assurance

Modular home builders guarantee quality standards, including a systematic inspection once the building is completed. In fact, the company may also hire another inspection agency to ensure the construction meets all building requirements and codes.

Disadvantage of modular houses lies in the problem on how to access the site. The builders might not have the skill of driving cheap homes and large modular houses through small streets.

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