Benefits Of MobileMe

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Benefits of MobileMe

Apple updated MobileMe to ensure that consumers can synchronize their devices better. It was improved in a variety of ways, meaning it is now easier to keep your devices connected to one another. And, improvements in technology allow the user to store information and data electronically on multiple devices.
1. Syncs Contacts, Calendar, and Mail on Apple devices
For users who use apple devices at work and at home, and those who use iPad or an iPhone, MobileMe has proven to be quite beneficial. It allows you to store and transfer data to multiple devices without docking. With MobileMe, you can share calendars, mail and even contacts via the internet.
2. Easy to upload photos
MobileMe is convenient since it lets you share photos via the internet. With MobileMe, users can easily upload photos from a Mac computer, an iPhone or an iPad, to their gallery. Once these photos have been uploaded, families and friends can upload their own photographs or browse your albums.
3. Store your important data and files
MobileMe users can store their important data and files to their virtual hard disk. It can be frustrating when you realize that you have to transfer your project to another computer for completion. This is where MobileMe comes in handy, to help you transfer important information online, where it can be used later by another device.
4. Users can access important data via the internet
MobileMe users have access to important data, including Calendars, Email, Photos and Contacts via the internet. This simply means that users can access their calendars or contacts from any location that has internet access.
5. Tracking device
MobileMe has GPS technology to help users track their iPhones in case they are stolen. This is convenient as it saves you money which you could have spent on a new device.
There are no major disadvantages of using MobileMe, apart from the membership fee that many consider costly.

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