Benefits Of MMR Vaccine

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Benefits of MMR Vaccine

The MMR is a popular immunization shot against rubella, mumps and measles. According to recent findings, MMR vaccine still has an outstanding record in the fight against the mentioned diseases, and children who receive the vaccine are not at risk of autism as opposed to popular belief.

1. Provides protection against measles

Measles is a contagious disease that was once universal in children. Although rash appears around three days after infection, you may notice earlier symptoms such as loss of appetite, conjunctivitis (painful eyes), cough and fever. The illness is more severe in adults and can lead to possible infections such as pneumonia, brain damage, seizures, encephalitis, diarrhea, ear infections and even death. For this reason, it is advisable to immunize your child in order to avert the said complications.

2. Treats mumps

The mumps causes inflammation of glands just under the jaw, and earliest symptoms of infection are usually non-specific and include fever, malaise, flu-like symptoms, headache and fever. It can also lead to encephalitis and even deafness, and can also cause swelling of the ovaries or testicles. In rare cases, mumps can cause inflammation of both testicles (known as orchitis) which often leads to sterility.

3. Reduces the risk of German measles or rubella

German measles or rubella normally causes a minor infection in children, causing flu-related symptoms and short-lived fever along with sore throat, a cough, malaise and swollen glands. Complications include arthritis, arthralgia (joint pains) and encephalitis (brain swelling). Since rubella is considered as the most dangerous disease, an immunization program needs to be instigated in order to ensure that young children are immune from severe complications.

The MMR shot still remains a controversial subject especially with regards to autism. Many people suggest that the vaccine may lead to autism in young children. Although it has not yet been proven to cause autism, many still prefer MMRV to the MMR.

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