Benefits Of Methi Seeds

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Benefits of Methi Seeds

Methi seeds are also called fenugreek and they are seeds that are commonly used in Eastern nations like India for their culinary and medical purposes. Always exercise caution when using any kind of herbs like fenugreek so as to avoid side effects. In fact, consult your physician prior to taking it so as to receive these benefits;

1. Reduce cholesterol
In an extensive study, patients who were given fenugreek supplements had better alterations in levels of blood cholesterol. The levels of triglyceride and LDL cholesterol reduced for all the participants taking methi seeds. As high cholesterol is normally a contributing factor for the development of cardiovascular disease, lowering it using fenugreek prevents you from contracting this deadly disease.

2. Enhance lactation
Methi seeds may even offer great benefits for lactating mothers. These seeds work through stimulating the production of breast milk. It signals a woman’s body to enhance milk production, which will then benefit the child. Many women who require boosting their milk production have to take methi seeds for only a short amount of time. This improved milk production is going to last provided there is constant stimulation.

3. Diabetes
Frequent intake of methi seeds may help diabetics greatly in managing their problem. In a published study by an expert physician, the effects of methi seeds on diabetes were examined. Following an ingestion of 100g of methi seeds daily, diabetics displayed improved blood glucose tolerance and control. This was even proven by a reduction in the glucose output in urine.

In brief, it is best to consider methi seeds like a supplement as they are yet to be tested by FDA. You should therefore exercise caution any time you take these supplements. Some of the reported side effects associated with methi seeds include bloating, gas, excessive sweating and diarrhea. Furthermore, there are some medications that may negatively interact with methi seeds.

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