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Benefits of Meditation Research

Benefits of Meditation Research

Meditation research is a rising field of neurological study and it involves studying the effects offered by meditation. Modern scientific instruments and techniques, which include things like EEG and MRI, are now being used to observe what happens inside the body of a person during meditation. Meditation research has shown considerable bodily changes like a result of frequent meditative practice. This includes brain growth and developing a better understanding of others.

1. Calms the body

Meditation research indicates that regularly practicing meditation can effectively calm the body. Actually, a recent study showed EEG activity started to slow down due to meditation. The nervous system consists of a sympathetic and parasympathetic system. The NIH has stated that certain kinds of meditation can work to inhibit the sympathetic system. Instead, meditation increases the function of parasympathetic system. Hence, meditation reduces arousal and increases relaxation.

2. Provides insight

When you have a more flexible and wider attention span through meditation, it is simple to deal with any situation. People who meditate are much more likely to become objective in morally or emotionally difficult times. Meditation research from Yale shows that when you meditate, physiological signals portray a significant drop in respiration along with an increasing heartbeat rate.

3. Increases cognitive function

Meditation research done by Harvard and Yale has clearly shown that practicing meditation enhances gray matter inside the human brain. Hence, meditation may slow down the decline of cognitive function, which is usually associated with ageing. The outcomes showed that participants who had meditated over a longer period had better results with regards to attention and concentration.

Meditation is safe to practice and there are no reports that suggest that it could cause any adverse symptoms. You should apply the attentive attitude acquired from meditation while engaging actively with any problems.

Benefits of Meditation Research

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