Benefits Of Medal of Honor

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Benefits of Medal of Honor

Being worthy of the Medal of Honor usually means that a person has done a great act of courage and bravery that almost that person his life. There are many people who have received the prestigious Medal of Honor and have enjoyed the numerous benefits of such an action. The following are some of the major benefits of the popular Medal of Honor.

1. Increased pension

All recipients of the famous Medal of Honor have their names listed in the honor roll. The best thing about this is that the honor roll endorses them to the Veteran’s Affairs department. As a result, the recipients are eligible for a distinctive pension of about $1,000 every month, which is higher than other benefits and pensions that they would have usually enjoyed. Changes were made to this particular benefit in 2004 where the aforementioned amount was now subject to change depending on the increase in the overall cost of living.

2. Recognition

The Medal of Honor recipients are given one of the most old-fashioned types of respect in US military which is the salute. Other officers are required to salute these recipients regardless of rank. For example, in any gathering with US military officers, the subordinates will show respect through saluting or greeting the recipients of the popular Medal of honor first prior to saluting the remaining non-recipients.

3. Uniform benefits

All army personnel who receive the respected Medal of Honor can wear their army uniforms wherever and whenever they want, different from other military personnel and retirees. The recipients who are also enlisted are given supplemental uniform allowance. Apart from that, these recipients can attend all the presidential inaugurations.

It is essential that you understand that the benefits of Medal of Honor might not be sufficient to repay the services that you have done for your country. Some soldiers have lost vital body parts while others have lost their lives.

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