Benefits Of Mangosteen

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Benefits of Mangosteen

For years, the healing properties of mangosteen fruit have been recognized and used in China, Asia, and Africa to help treat an array of health problems. This nutritious topical fruit is believed to have originated from Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanamar, Malaysia, China and Cambodia. Just like other fruits, mangosteen also features essential nutrients like potassium, fiber and vitamin C. Read on and learn some of the benefits of mangosteen.

1. Antioxidant benefits

Mangosteen fruit is high in antioxidants called xanthones that help combat free radicals. We all know that free radicals cause skin damage, as well as the onset of unsightly facial features like acne and skin blemish. Eating mangosteen fruit on a regular basis is therefore a surefire way of keeping premature aging at bay.

2. Anti-inflammatory effects

Mangosteen fruit also works well on inflammatory conditions and may decrease pain associated to rheumatoid arthritis, as well as minor injuries caused by sports. Research in this area is however at its preliminary stages. When eaten regularly, mangosteen fruit can also promote intestinal health, which helps relieve constipation and diarrhea.

3. Skin benefits

Mangosteen fruit also has an array of skin benefits and can be used to combat psoriasis, keep off bacteria responsible for acne and assist in wound healing. Moreover, it combats infection caused by parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses due to its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

4. Cancer benefits

Mangosteeen fruit contains polysaccharides, highly potent anti-cancer compounds. They help prevent the progression of cancer in the body, and are effective as they destroy intracellular bacteria. Preliminary studies show that mangosteen fruit can combat Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.

5. Boosts cardiovascular health

Regular intake of mangosteen fruit can prevent accumulation of fat in the arterial wall, thus promote healthy function of the heart.

It is always advisable to consume mangosteen fruit in moderation.

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