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Benefits Of Lutein

Benefits of Lutein

Lutein is one of the antioxidants that originate from the family of carotenoids. It is found in certain vegetables and fruits including egg yolks, corn, kale and spinach. Peas and romaine lettuce are also good sources of lutein. Here are some benefits of consuming lutein.

1. Supports good eyesight
Lutein safeguards both the skin and eyes from damage because these two organs are directly exposed to external elements. It is also referred to as natural sunglasses because it protects eyes from any harm. It works by straining out harmful lights and guarding the eyes against certain diseases such as cataract. If you already have cataract, then it works in treating the condition.

2. An important antioxidant
Lutein is quite important in the body because it is a powerful antioxidant and it assists in eliminating or reducing the harmful free radicals. The build up of free radicals results in cell damage and consequently serious health complications. Lutein serves as a preventive measure against cancer, especially colon cancer.

3. Reduces bad cholesterol
Lutein helps the body by reducing bad cholesterol and increasing levels of good cholesterol. It is very effective in clearing clogged arteries and keeping them clear. This action ensures that the circulation of blood goes on without any problems and that blood reaches the desired places quickly.

4. Great for the skin
Your skin will greatly improve when you have adequate amounts of this particular carotenoid in your daily diet. This is because it protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays that might cause skin cancer. Apart from that, it reduces redness of skin as well as inflammation. For people with certain skin conditions like eczema, then you should consider making use of lutein.
The disadvantage of lutein is that research is still unclear on whether it is effective against preventing oxidative stress present in the retina.

Benefits Of Lutein

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