Benefits Of Lotus Notes

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Benefits of Lotus Notes

Microsoft Outlook users have now switched to Lotus Notes application because of the many perks they provide. Let’s discuss some of the common benefits that urge users to turn to Lotus Notes, instead of MS Outlook.

1. Data replication
Lotus Notes help users to keep several copies of one database. These copies are known as ‘’Replicas” and are found on multiple workstations or multiple servers. This enables users to access data on different systems spread over a number of locations. The main advantage of replication is that it allows you to make modifications when need arises. On the other hand users on other networks can make modification to the same replica.

2. Work offline
Lotus Notes enables you to complete projects offline. For instance, you can decide to duplicate your notes to your personal laptop when you leave the office. After you have finished the work offline, simply duplicate the information at the offices’ server.

3. Share documents
Lotus Notes also allow different users to share work progress on a single document online, make modifications to it and add comments.

4. Better workflow
You can create routes in line with your project requirements. For instance, when you submit a purchase acquisition to the manager, he can sign it digitally. On the other end, users can keep their records updated.

5. Web publishing
You will notice that most of the benefits of Lotus Notes are available when you are online. In other words, you can edit data on Notes databases also. Through Note databases, you can convert your documents to HTML.

6. Graphic enhancement
You can add sound, video and graphic to emails along with text, depending on your preference. Also, you can prevent sensitive information from being transferred to other recipients.
Despite having numerous exciting features, MS Outlook is still popular than Lotus notes.

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