Benefits Of Lotion

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Benefits of Lotion

Body lotion is typically thinner as it contains more water. Water and oil are bonded with cetearal alcohol or wax- both of which act as emulsifying agents. A quality lotion can work well on dehydrated, scaly skin that looks unappealing, and hand lotion works well on the feet and hands, but can be used on other parts of the body as well. Listed below are the benefits you can get by using body lotion regularly.

1. Treats dry skin
People who live in areas that have harsh climatic conditions usually apply lotion regularly, possibly even daily. This is good if your skin is dried or chapped from heat, cold, or wind which many find difficult to treat using regular cosmetics. If you have sensitive skin that easily becomes irritated due to climatic conditions, it is advisable to apply body lotion to keep the skin supple and hydrated.

2. Eliminates skin blemish
When you have a normal or oily skin, you might notice rough marks on your face that make you appear old and worn out. If so, applying skin lotion regularly can help eliminate skin blemish and give you a youthful look like you have always desired.

3. Anti-Aging
In addition to eliminating skin blemish, skin lotion also help to keep premature aging at bay. In other words, regular use of skin and body lotion can get rid of unsightly facial features like whitehead and blackheads.

4. Good for sensitive skin
Most lotions are made for all skin types and if your skin is easily irritated by cosmetic products, buy a body lotion that suits your skin type. Moreover, some lotions also prevent skin damage caused by sunlight.

Consult a doctor before you apply body lotions, especially if you have skin disease like psoriasis and eczema. As a precaution, skin and body lotions are only supposed to be used externally.

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