Benefits of Long Distance Running

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Benefits of Long Distance Running

Long distance running consists of running for long hours over extensive distances. The paceÂ’ is usually moderately comfortable and easy. The following are some benefits of long distanceÂ’ running.

1. Weight loss

The most popular benefit of long distance running is the fact that it assists in managing orÂ’ reducing weight. Running burns many calories per minute as compared to other types ofÂ’ cardiovascular exercises. Recent studies show that long distance running burns about 100Â’ calories or more per each mile. This is because fat is being used as the key source of energy.

2. Strengthens body muscles

Long distance running is very effective in strengthening various body muscles, especially legÂ’ muscles. This eventually leads to greater stamina and higher endurance in the body. Since theÂ’ body endures the physically challenging and long activity of long distance running, then it canÂ’ endure daily activities as well.

3. Improves respiratory system

Running enhances the amount of oxygen absorbed through the lungs and also transportedÂ’ to different areas of the body for use. This leads to a more effective respiratory system andÂ’ healthier lungs.

4. Good for the heart

Long distance running is highly beneficial in reducing risk of heart complications throughÂ’ strengthening the heart and lowering blood pressure. It also maintains the elasticity ofÂ’ capillaries and arteries to make certain that blood flows to all the necessary parts of the body.

5. Boosts the immune system

Another important benefit of long distance running is that enhances the function of theÂ’ immune system. In fact, it creates high lymphocytes concentration in the blood and it isÂ’ beneficial for people with osteoporosis, hypertension and diabetes.

However, long distance running burns calories gradually and thus it is not the best option if youÂ’ want to lose weight quickly. It is also quite difficult and time consuming.

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