Benefits of LNG

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Benefits of LNG

LNG signifies Liquefied Natural Gas and it is the liquid form of natural gas. There are quite a number of advantages of using LNG as compared to other sources of energy. Here are some of the major advantages of LNG.

1. Easy to transport

LNG takes up a very small amount of the initial natural gas volume and thus it is highly efficient when it comes to transportation. Apart from that, due to the chemical structure of LNG, it has a more stable structure as compared to pipeline gas. If natural gas has to be transported to mountainous or isolated destinations, delivering it in liquid form is more practical.

2. High quality and safe

LNG boasts of high quality gas in comparison to the normal pipeline gas. The reason for this is that LNG is much purer, having more methane and other beneficial energy contents. Any vapor linked with LNG is also not going to explode in unconfined environments. This means that if there is a gas spill, then LNG has little likelihood of causing an explosion. In general, LNG is one of the cleanest and safest fuels.

3. Flexible

One of the major benefits of LNG is that it is very flexible, especially when it comes to trade. Cargoes of LNG can be easily shipped where they are needed and there are some very competitive commercial terms. In fact, liquefying and transporting gas is much cheaper than shipping natural gas through offshore or onshore pipelines.

4. Clean energy source

Since LNG is not emission intensive like other energy sources, it is capable of replacing other emission intensive energy sources like coal. It is also very versatile with uses in several sectors as an alternate source of clean fuel.

The major drawback of LNG is that its projects are very expensive and also technically challenging.

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