Benefits Of Living on Campus

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Benefits of Living on Campus

The reason why most students prefer to live around campus is that it gives them an opportunity to get adapted to the surroundings, not to mention that it gives them a sense of independence. If you decide to find housing on campus, it will become easy to make new friends who can help you find cheaper accommodation. Moreover, living on campus will keep you abreast with all the educational and social events happening around campus.

1. Better academic performance

Studies have shown that students living on campus perform well academically as compared to those who live outside campus. For starters, students living on campus have access to the library, which can help improve their performance in research papers. In addition to that, proximity to other educational facilities helps students use their time wisely.

2. Meet new friends

Dorm life certainly provides many advantages as it gives you the opportunity to make new friends and meet people who share the same interests. While making university friends is essential in your freshman year, it remains significant throughout your college experience. Since upper level examinations are often an isolating process, students agree that they handle major project better in groups.

3. Freedom

The-off-campus lifestyle is suitable for people who enjoy privacy. On the other hand, living on campus is appropriate for those who want to have a sense of independence. The best thing about living in hostels at the campus is that you never have to worry about rules for using electricity or for laundry service.

4. Level of accountability

Living on campus will make you become more responsible in the way you handle things. You have to remember the hostel renting bills, cooking, cleaning, and shopping among other stuff. It also gives you faster access to professors and councilors if you have queries.

Although living on campus has many perks, statistics show that students often experience difficulty when preparing their food since they are often busy with their studies.

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  1. Tessa

    December 15, 2015 12:22 pm

    I double the academic perfomance would be better than when you live off-campus or at home. Basically, while living in a dorm there’s so much going on that you have hardly time for studying. Or it’s too noisy to study and you don’t want to go to the library. No matter what the reason, you will spend less time on studies and more on hanging out with friends. Still, if you are strong-willed and this cannot stop you from studying, then yes, you won’t have any problems with studying. Nevertheless, the other three are definitely advantages. And many sources just like the writer at customwritingcompany are of the same thought.

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