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Benefits of LINQ

Benefits of LINQ

LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query and it is a product of Microsoft. It is an innovative query language that is similar to SQL, but it uses a unique syntax. Here are some important points about how LINQ can benefit you.

1. Reusability

Developers who use LINCQ can have easy access to brand new technologies even without knowing a lot of information about them. Hence any complex query that is created to access certain objects will also work with MySQL, Web service or Active Directory. This means developers do not have to learn new techniques so as to make use of LINQ.

2. Simplicity

LINQ offers simplicity since complete applications can be created using less code. In fact, when early programming used several codes to achieve simple tasks, LINQ can do the same action with one line. Fewer code lines mean lesser chances for making errors. This will result in time savings and also cost savings as well since it eliminates the costs of fixing errors.

3. Efficient

LINQ makes the codes simpler for programmers and developers to understand. It uses syntax similar to SQL that most programmers already comprehend very well. When you add a simple coding environment with the use less code, then you get a software or application that needs less time and resources to build. All these result in great efficiency.

4. User friendly

LINQ is user friendly and it is designed to get new programmers working faster. New programmers can use LINQ and do something useful and interesting within a few days of starting work. This makes them more productive and happier. LINQ simply eradicates most of the intricacy of programming through depending on providers to do the heavy work.

In short, LINQ is fundamentally more productive as compared to other querying languages such as SQL.

Benefits of LINQ

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