Benefits Of Lima Beans

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Benefits of Lima Beans

Lima beans come from a legume known as Phaseolus Lunatus which is grown mainly for its seeds. These lima beans are consumed as vegetables. Sometimes going by the name butter beans due to their starchy however buttery texture, these beans have a subtle flavor which is known to complement various dishes. Lima beans are generally green or cream in color although you can find some in red, white, brown, purple or black color.

1. Reduce heart attack risks
High consumption of legumes helps reduce heart attack risks. Many studies have confirmed that people who eat high fiber foods like lima beans are less likely to have heart attacks. The influence of lima beans on heart health is not only determined by their high fiber content, but also significant amounts of magnesium and folate which these beans supply.

2. Stabilize blood sugar levels
Lima beans have a soluble fiber which is important for stabilizing the levels of blood sugar. People who suffer from hypoglycemia, insulin resistance and diabetes could really use the help of lima beans. These beans help with the balancing of blood sugar levels as they provide a steady and slow burning energy. Studies have shown that high fiber foods have dramatic effects on blood sugar levels.

3. Iron
Lima beans are known to increase the body’s energy by helping in replenishing the iron count. One cup of lima beans has 24% value of this essential mineral. It would be a good idea for women who are menstruating to have these beans in their diet s.

4. Protein
Lima beans are also a great source of proteins. You can replace red meat with lima beans because its proteins do not have high calories or saturated fats.

Despite the many health benefits, lima beans take a very long time to cook and you have to cook them for hours before they become ready for consumption.

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