Benefits Of Letter Writing

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Benefits of Letter Writing

Letter writing is a very engaging and interesting activity for those people who enjoy it. Individuals who usually have a hard time expressing themselves in simple conversations get empowered through letter writing. It is in these paper documents that you may finally see how a certain person really feels. Letter writing provides the following benefits.

1. Simple
Letter writing is a very simple process as compared to emails as you do not require any specific tools. For instance, email writing demands that both sender and receiver have sufficient access to computers and internet. This is not always possible in some cases. However, everyone has the chance writing letters very easily.

2. Emotional benefits
Writing a letter is normally beneficial for those struggling with their emotions, especially with regards to other individuals. Its significance has been even acknowledged by psychologists and therapists as a great method where people can confront their unresolved feelings and fears towards a certain person. This increases a person’s chances of making friends and keeping them.

3. Promotes acceptance
Letter writing increases the healing of a person and also leads to the acceptance of an individual’s state. The reason why this is beneficial is that acceptance is viewed as the best form of natural healing. Through letter writing, depression and also anxiety are eliminated, particularly if correctly used during therapy. This improves both the physical and emotional health of the person.

4. Physical record
Unlike emails, a letter recipient has the chance to maintain physical records of all letters that he or she receives. This eliminates the long process of turning on the PC so as to read letters written by your loved ones.
The disadvantage related to letter writing is that it takes time for the letter to reach its intended destination. Actually, emails are faster and efficient than letters.

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