Benefits Of Lemon Water

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lemon-waterBenefits Of Lemon water

An easily obtainable citrus fruit-lemon is well-liked for its property of adding taste to food and its medicinal uses. Lemon is used for preparing a variety of dishes. Apart from this, lemon has been known for its medicinal use since olden times. Lemon contains about 5% of citric acid which is responsible for its tarty taste. Along with a lot of vitamin C lemon also contains other vitamins such as vitamin B and riboflavin. Minerals present in lemon include calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. A healthy drink made from lemon is lemon, the daily consumption of which provides numerable health benefits. These include:

1.Maintains the health of the digestive system.

Hot lemon water helps to relieve many problems related to digestion. These include heartburn, nauseaÂ’ and parasites. The digestive properties of lemon juice make it important for relieving indigestion problems like heartburn, belching and bloating. Regular intake of lemon water aids the movement of bowels and help in the elimination of waste. It is thus helpful in curing constipation. Lemon water is a liver tonic that helps in the digestion of food by promoting the liver to produce more bile.

2.Helps in curing throat infections
The antibacterial property of lemon makes it useful in curing throat infections such as tonsillitis and sore throat. For sore throat, a mixture of one-half lemon juice and one-half water is used for gargling frequently.

3.Helps in weight loss
Regular intake of Luke warm water with honey helps in weight loss.

4.Takes good care of skin.
Lemon is a natural antiseptic and is an excellent medicine that can take care of skin problems. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and is capable of enhancing the beauty of the skin. It helps to rejuvenate the skin from within, thus bringing glow on the face. Daily intake of lemon water acts like anÂ’ anti aging remedy. It is capable of removing blackheads and wrinkles.

5.Takes care of the teeth.
Lemon water is takes care of the teeth also. Application of fresh lemon water on areas of toothache can help in getting away with the tooth pain.

6.Helps to cure respiratory diseases.
Lemon water helps in curing respiratory diseases and breathing problems. It also helps to revive a person from diseases like asthma.

7.Acts as a blood purifier.
Lemon water helps in the purification of blood and thus helps to get away from many diseases like cholera and malaria.

Nature has gifted us with so many things that if we actually make use of them we can keep away from all ailments and illnesses. So, try to make lemon water a part of your daily routine and stay healthy.

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