Benefits of Lecithin

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lecithin_bookBenefits of Lecithin

Lecithin, a phospholipid is an important compound required by the cells in our body for maintaining overall health. Lecithin is produced in certain amounts in our own bodies. However, our diet might not be sufficient to produce the required quantities of this compound. Therefore, it is also advisable to consume foods that contain lecithin or to take dietary supplements that contain lecithin. It can be found in foods such as cauliflower, cabbage, soy beans, garbanzo beans, split peas, seeds, organic meat, eggs, and nuts. How does lecithin help our health? Understanding its benefits will give the answer.

1.Decreases cholesterol:

One of the major functions of lecithin is that it helps to reduce cholesterol. Lecithin, in itself, is a compound predominantly made of fat. Therefore, it attaches itself to the cell and nerve linings, thereby creating a protective layer and prevents other fat from sticking to the cells. Thus, in people with high cholesterol, this compound will prevent their body from absorbing the cholesterol through the intestinal walls. This ensures reduction in their overall cholesterol levels, including the LDL cholesterol. Reduction of cholesterol levels also provides another benefit, which is the reversal of atherosclerosis. This is a condition where the arteries become hardened due to increased blood cholesterol. Although there are several drugs that can be used for this condition, using lecithin would be a natural way of treating and curing this problem. Also, it comes at a much lesser price.

2.Enhances cardiovascular well-being:

Lecithin is also believed to enhance cardiovascular health by reversing certain conditions. Lecithin, as explained already, intervenes with the accumulation of fat deposits in the body. This helps to reverse the damage caused by coronary artery diseases. By creating a protective layer on the cell linings, lecithin not only prevents fat deposits but also ensures smoother flow of blood through the arteries. This helps to prevent blood clots that occur as a result of clogged arteries.

3.Repairs and restores liver:

Lecithin has been found to be a very important component in restoring the health of the liver. It is, especially, useful for repairing and restoring the liver in cases where its functioning has been affected due to extreme alcoholism. Also, by breaking down fat and preventing its deposit, lecithin transports this fat to the liver and ensures its conversion into energy that can be used for other constructive activities.

4.Enhances memory and learning:

Lecithin has also been found to be effective in aiding memory and learning functions. Studies have shown that an increase in the intake of lecithin resulted in higher retention of learning and better recall of data. It has also been found useful in Alzheimer’s patients by improving their orientation and memory.

5.Preventive food:

Lecithin can be considered as a preventive food that helps prevent and reverse several diseases relating to the heart, liver, and kidneys. However, you need to ensure that you consume the required quantity to achieve this benefit. Where diets are insufficient to meet the requisite level of lecithin, supplements can be used. And unlike several medicines that are used for similar purposes, lecithin does not entail the fear of side-effects.

Lecithin can be considered a healthy compound that has several major benefits to overall health and well-being. Even its side-effects when consumed in very large quantities are not so critical. Lecithin overdose leads to vomiting, nausea, sweating, diarrhea, and anorexia. It is non-toxic and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, consuming lecithin in adequate doses, either through food or supplements, can go a long way in ensuring overall well-being at a much lesser price.

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