Benefits Of LCD over CRT

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Benefits of LCD over CRT

When selecting a new PC monitor, there are very many options and choices accessible nowadays. You have to determine whether you are in search of bright colors, sleek designs or sharp graphics. There are two main kinds of monitors that you can choose from including CRT and LCD. The following article explains why should go for LCD monitors over CRT monitors.

1. Less space
LCD monitors take up significantly less space in contrast with CRT screens. This is the best option for people who only have limited spaces for placing their computers. Actually, most people normally have insufficient storage spaces for their PC equipment. When you use the LCD monitor, you can place it much closer to the wall in order to enhance desk space. Moreover, certain LCD monitors are even mountable onto walls, further requiring lesser space as compared to CRT monitors.

2. Enhanced color quality
The quality of color that can be displayed on an LCD screen is far better than the color on CRT screens. In fact, most of the new LCD monitors have limitless color capabilities, with CRT monitors having limited colors. Moreover, an LCD screen usually has very high resolutions and this means that the display will appear more sharp and in focus.

3. Better accessibility
Nowadays, many computer manufactures do not offer CRT screens anymore and LCD screens are generally provided by default. When you upgrade from an outdated CRT monitor, locating a suitable replacement might be hard. Even though CRT screens are still used and sold at some shops, LCD screens are widely accessible at many electronics retailers nationwide.

4. Energy savings
Aside from taking up little space, LCD screens also use up less energy as compared to CRT screens. Actually, the energy used by an LCD screen is about one half of that used by a CRT screen.
Price is the key disadvantage of choosing LCD over CRT screens. CRT monitors can be bought relatively inexpensively, while LCD screens are quite costly.

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